The Godfather Talks Relationship With Vince McMahon And WWE

Godfather had several runs - and several character changes - in WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer, a former Intercontinental Champion, and owner of some of the most memorable gimmicks in WWE history, The Godfather seems like a man content with his wrestling career.

With a WWE stint that lasted off-and-on for over ten years, Godfather revealed in an interview with the Such Good Shoot podcast that treating wrestling as a second job helped his career’s longevity:

“That's the thing that people don't realise - that's that's one reason why you saw me come and go so much as wrestling for me was always my second job, not my first, I always had the strip clubs. So for me, wrestling was a way to have fun. And it was a way to be around crazy people, crazy dudes, just as crazy as I was. And it was more for fun.

"When I wasn't having fun. I would leave. It wasn't about the money. But if I wasn't having fun and not making money I'm serious I would go to Vince and say ‘I gotta go, man, this ain't happening no more.’ And then I would leave and then they'd call me back and say ‘you coming back’ I'd be like, no. And they said, ‘well, we want to do this.’ I say no, they they come up with something, then they get Taker to call me or something. He's like, ‘come on back, man, we've missed you’. They'd like that I don't want to come I swear thats how it was then I come back. And then if I wasn't having fun, I believe that's really why you'd see me come and go.”

Throughout his career with WWE Godfather also wrestled under the Papa Shango and Kama Mustafa gimmicks, whilst also working stints with the Jarrett’s USWA during a working relationship with WWE.

“Vince was always cool with me,” Godfather continued “He was cool because I was contracted, and [even though] I was walking out on contracts he knew that I wasn't going to go wrestle for somebody else. And so he wasn't really worried about it. But, you know, Vince has always been super cool with me. And to this day still super cool with me. And I'm still under a legend’s contract. There's not many people left on the legends contract. And I've been on one since 2003. And they they just came out with a new Kama Action Figure, dude, they really hooked me up. So I've been I've got nothing but good things to say about Vince and that whole family because they've been super cool with me.”

If you use any quotes from this article, credit Such Good Shoot Podcast, with a H/T to Cultaholic for the transcription.

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