The Miz On His WWE Zombie Lumberjack Match: "Some People Give Us Flak For Going Outside The Box"

The Miz responds to criticism

As part of WWE's promotion for Army Of The Dead, zombies were used as lumberjacks for The Miz's WrestleMania Backlash match against Damian Priest.

The decision to have zombies was roundly criticised and the match has been named as one of the worst in recent memory. 

The Miz was asked about his reaction to the match when he found out the plan by Comicbook.com and The A-Lister claimed WWE gets "flak for going outside the box."

"So a lot of people would be like, 'What is this? Oh, my God.' I'm the type of person that goes, this allows my creative juices to do whatever the hell we kind of want. So let's make a movie out of it. Let's make a meal out of it. I mean, there was a part in that match where Damian and I worked together to beat up all the zombies. And some people give us flak for going outside the box. And the problem with, I feel like, today's world is that it's so easy to just literally go on the internet and just critique and say, 'This is terrible. This is horrible.' With my storyline, with Bad Bunny, nobody wanted to see it up until they wanted to see it at WrestleMania. You know? So nobody wants to let things develop and things get fun."

Since being eaten by zombies at the pay-per-view, The Miz has returned to WWE TV but he is currently out of action with an ACL injury.

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