The Riott Squad Reveal How Long WWE Initially Told Them They'd Last As A Trio

The Squad appeared on both Raw and SmackDown Live...

One of the more wholesome aspects to following WWE Superstars on social media over the last few years was seeing the legitimate friendship of The Riott Squad play out as they travelled the world together.

Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan clearly became as thick as thieves during their 18 months on the main roster together. Appearing mostly on Monday Night Raw, the trio became unheralded heroes of the women's division, often having their undeniable talents used to make the supposed 'bigger names' look good.

Even though their friendship is undeniable at this stage - all three ladies have tattoos commemorating the date of their main roster debut together - it appears those behind the scenes in WWE weren't so optimistic about their prospects as a stable.

During the latest episode of Table For Three on the WWE Network, The Riott Squad revealed they were told they were going to be together for six weeks:

Sarah Logan: “We were told we wouldn’t last six weeks, so we didn’t change our characters, because we wanted to be characters outside of The Riott Squad."

Ruby Riott: “I remember somebody coming up to us and just like, ‘In six weeks nobody is gonna know who The Riott Squad is."

Liv Morgan: “And we were just like, ‘Well... OK.”

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