The Undertaker Praises The Firefly Fun House Match For Being "Entertaining"

"The Dead Man" appreciated it...

The Undertaker spoke with outfitter Nine Live Apparel on Instagram Live, speaking about the recent WrestleMania 36. There, the wrestling legend gave his thoughts on the unusual Firefly Fun House match between Bray Wyatt and John Cena.

Said Undertaker, “It was different. To me, it was entertaining. It made you think. You know, and it puts you in that state like, 'Okay, where are they going and what are they going to do?' Again, I think for the circumstances, I thought it worked. Can I give you all the nuances of it? No, because I wasn't there and I don't know. I don't know what the whole psychology of it was. 

"But for this WrestleMania and you know, the things that the parameters that we had on us, I thought it worked and it was like, you didn't take your eyes off of it because you were like, 'What the hell's coming next?' Definitely not traditional. I don't know if you'll ever see another one or if you do, it would be it would probably different. But I don't know, man. You know, sometimes you got to make chicken salad out of chicken s**t.”

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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