The Viking Experience Are Now The Viking Raiders

Eh, kinda better...

For the past six days and 22 hours, everybody got their comedic fill out of the name The Viking Experience, while incredulously wondering how WWE could allow the immensely talented Rowe and Hanson (or rather, Erik and Ivar) to continue onward with such a silly name.

That's all now moot, as WWE.com updated all written articles and properties concerning the former War Raiders, renaming them The Viking Raiders. The individual Erik and Ivar names, however, remain.

The only acknowledgements of the name change from WWE are in the altered articles and character biographies. One assumes, however, that the tandem will be referred to by that name on Raw tonight (assuming they appear), and going forward.

The reigning NXT World Tag Team champions debuted on the main roster one week ago, teaming with The Revival in an eight-man match against Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Aleister Black, and Ricochet. Ivar scored the pin on Ryder following The Fallout in order to win their match for their team, which presumably puts them first in line in the title picture.

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