The War Report - February 10 2021: NXT Falls Flat As AEW Dynamite Steps Up

NXT vs AEW: Dynamite - which was the better show this week?

Promo Performance

Johnny gargano speaks on wwe nxt feb 10 2021


This was NXT’s go-home show before Take Over: Vengeance Day (do we need the ‘day’ really?) so the show was peppered with hype videos for the Women’s Title Triple Threat, the Men’s Title match, and a vid for Imperium because why not.

In terms of mic time, Thatcher and Ciampa had a short but sweet piece to camera looking like a pair of angry old bastards, and Zack Gibson went off on the mic on his way to the main event which was pretty good.

Cameron Grimes re-appeared in a Lamborghini as he is now rich from GameStop and Dogecoin. He rambled on for a bit about William Regal kissing his grits, and it was a bit rubbish to be honest.

But Johnny Gargano saved the day with a great comedy bit about his injuries at the hands of Kushida. In a wheelchair - despite having a broken arm - Gargano was trying his best to weasel out of his match at Take Over, mentioning he was a noted power walker, and would gladly take months out to rehab and come back with a Beautiful Day video package a la Triple H.

When told to drop the charade by William Regal JG hit back with “What do I look like to you, Dennis Charademan?” Great stuff.

AEW had lots of mic time this week, but nothing stellar or especially long.

Mox growled about being hard and hyped his match with KENTA without mentioning New Japan by name, while Kenny played golf and talked about how great a wrestler he is as Don Callis helped him cheat on the green.

The Young Bucks had a short segment with The Good Brothers, but it was a rehash of this week’s Being The Elite. Nice bit from Karl Anderson about wanting to Too Sweet Wolfpac OG Sting though.

Talking of Sting, he was meant to be interviewed by Tony Schiavone, but Team Taz assaulted his son Darby Allin and ended the segment before the old goth could get a word in. Schiavone did interview Jungle Boy though, who had a fire lit under his arse after beating Dax Harwood last week.

Lee Johnson had a generic babyface promo after his win where he put over the Nightmare Family. And Alex Marvez had a quick word with Sammy Guevara… more on that in a minute.

Winner: NXT takes this one, Johnny Gargano take a bow son.

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