The War Report - February 17 2021: NXT back on form after Vengeance Day

NXT vs AEW: Dynamite - Which Was The Better Show This Week?

Promo Performance

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As a post TakeOver edition of NXT, you could be sure to expect a lot of mic time this week, especially considering what happened in the main event. As such, Kyle O’Reilly kicked off the show with a really good promo, totally putting over his sadness and confusion at Adam Cole’s actions. Roddy playing peacemaker and getting shot down was a nice touch, but Finn looked like an idiot coming out saying he didn’t trust Kyle. The man got kicked in the face by his best mate, I don’t think he was in on this.

Elsewhere MSK cut a generic promo while accepting the Dusty Cup. Good passion and charisma, just didn’t really say anything. Raquel González and Dakota Kai came out to accept their cup too - by the way, they share the trophy, huh. Kai and González heeled it up a bit by saying they were the best, but got a ‘you deserve it chant’ and were all smiles, but still a bit brooding. Are they faces now? Seems so, as Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax came out to intimidate them and confirm their title match for March 03. Nia in particular was great here, and of course there was an obligatory reference to her ‘hole' as Wes Lee fell on the floor covered in popcorn.

We also heard from LA Knight, who is pure gold whenever he’s near a mic. Karrion Kross was all grrr and scary after Santos ducked him again. And Pat McAffee said ‘I told you so’ about Adam Cole. Nice fella.

AEW wasn’t too heavy on the promos this week. Hangman and Hardy cleared things up about the contract situation with Page tricking Hardy into putting his Q1 earnings on the line at Revolution. Taz called out Sting, said the word ‘bat’ about 25 times, before Brian Cage folded Stinger in half with a big powerbomb in a quick segment.

Alex Marvez observed Kenny Omega reading to a kindergarten class, Eddie Kingston was all brooding about his enemies, and Moxley was all brooding back, before claiming Kenny was still in his crosshairs.

Inner Circle moaned about Sammy Guevara, with Jericho saying he was officially dead to him, and Cody and Brandi did a gender reveal. They’re having a girl. Nice an’ all, but save it for social media please.

Winner: NXT. AEW’s mic time this week was more about moving stories on than delivering killer promos, and there is nothing wrong with that. Kyle O’Reilly on NXT however had the promo of the week. True conviction in his delivery, and you believed every word he said.

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