The War Report: March 10, 2021 - Bálor vs. Cole, Christian Cage Meets Kenny Omega

NXT vs. AEW: Dynamite - which was the better show this week?

Promo Performance

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NXT wasn’t as promo heavy as usual. There was no Cameron Grimes, The Way were there for about a minute, and LA Knight got attacked by Bronson Reed before he could call anyone a dummy.

Speaking of The Way, Johnny Gargano doubled down on the fake info the therapist gave Austin Theory last week. Theory cried in anger, then ripped his shirt and said Dexter Lumis had gone too far, after Indi and Candice looked on at the new Women’s tag Champs with jealousy.

As for the new Women’s Tag Titles, if nothing else it gave us clarity on whether Dakota and Raquel were heel or face, with the inaugural champs booed, despite ‘you deserve it’ chants, but alongside a heelish promo. Ember and Shotzi got their title match by arguing the Dusty Cup Final could have gone either way. Anyone else think this should have built up towards TakeOver? Have the winners become the first champs at the show? So weird.

Imperium made another call to Tim Thatcher to get him to rejoin (I know it’s not Ringkampf but it counts) and even said Tomasso Ciampa can come too. Imagine the carnage. Ciampa later said he ain’t interested, but is interested in Walter. YES PLEASE.

We also finally heard from Jordan Devlin, stuck in an airport on his way back to the States. He wants Santos Escobar in a match to prove who the real cruiserweight champion is. And Leon Ruff called Swerve out - they’ll fight next week.


Going into AEW we all wanted to know one thing; how in the Hell were they going to dig their way out of Revolution?

Luckily, Eddie Kingston is one of the best promos in the business, and said he passed out due to anxiety, saying it reminded him of awaiting trial in jail and being terrified that he’d end up in Sing Sing or at Rikers Island. Him and Moxley are mates again too which is nice. Later on Kenny Omega and his cabal ripped the piss out of Eddie’s actions at the PPV, recreating his dramatic save of Moxley with Kenny Omega saying, and I quote “quick, 69 me Don”. I mean, bloody hell.

It’s Dynamite so of course Tony Schiavone interviewed Sting. Nothing of note was said, before Lance and Jake the Snake turned up. Looks like we’ll be getting a programme involving either Lance vs. Darby, or Lance and Jake vs. Darby and his dad. Into either to be fair.

Penta yelled at Cody in Spanish and threatened to hurt his shoulder so bad he wouldn’t be able to hold his daughter, Adam Page took the Dark Order for ice cream, and grape munching Matt Hardy unveiled his newest clients; The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny

As for the Inner Circle War Council? More on that in a minute.

Winner: AEW. “69 me Don.” Going to have that inscribed on my gravestone.

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