The War Report - March 24 2021: Cole And O’Reilly Make It Personal

NXT vs. AEW: Dynamite - which was the better show this week?

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NO. SLEEP. ’TIL TAKEOVER. And with only a few weeks left until the big event, NXT pulled out all the stops.

Karrion Kross said Finn Bálor’s actions last week were cold and calculated… I mean if he would have watched it back he’d have seen it was an accident. Guess he doesn’t have DVR in his spooky Satan house. Finn came out to say Kross showed weakness last week, and is too emotional, before promising to exploit Kross’ weaknesses and drown him at TakeOver. More like it, starting to get more involved in this feud now. 

LA Knight had a quick moment on the mic to say “YEAH” and “UH HUH”, while Jordan Devlin said that he was the business. Kushida agreed, but said that he also was, in fact, the business. Pete Dunne looked moody somewhere and said very little, and Cameron Grimes tried to buy the Undisputed Era IP off of Roderick Strong, only to receive a slap to the mush.

Johnny Gargano booted William Regal’s office door in and complained about the upcoming 12 man battle royal, before the six man gauntlet, to be the one man to face Gargano for the North American Title. God I love this version of Gargano.

The big cheese though surrounded Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly signing on for an unsanctioned match at TakeOver. Cole said the Undisputed Era was never about friendship or brotherhood, it was about proving they were the best, and he realised he doesn’t need them anymore as he is already the best. Kyle said Cole was an ‘asshole’ and a ‘prick’ and other naughty words, and says he is the man who is going to beat Cole to a pulp.


Shock of the week - AEW didn’t have Tony Schiavone interviewing Sting! Tony did talk to Britt Baker after last week’s amazing main event, with Baker angry at Thunder Rosa for saying she put AEW’s women’s division on the map “Why is everyone talking about me then?” A fair point. Glad to see they’re keeping Baker heel, and that her feud with Rosa isn’t over.

Team Taz had a quick word to say they’re all mates after last week, although Brian Cage looked like he was being kept against his massive muscly will. In a dilapidated warehouse somewhere Lance Archer said he respects Sting, but this is his time now, and I guess we’ll get a match between the former TNA lads at some point. 

Christian Cage and his loud tan gave some advice to the younglings before having friendly banter with Kaz - they’ll wrestle next week - while Kaz’s former SCU teammate Scorpio Sky continued telling us how he’s a nobhead now and proud of it.

Unexpectedly good interview with QT Marshall, who said he’s frustrated about working his arse off in the ring and backstage and being in Cody’s shadow. That’s understandable. Cody says they’re mates, and they’ll have an exhibition match next week. I guess this means it won’t count on win/loss records. Watch Cody still win though.

Eddie Kingston and Mox were backstage like a violent Statler and Waldorf. They still have beef with the Good Brothers, and Mox doesn’t like that he owes The Bucks for saving his hide last week.

We also heard from The Pinnacle, but more on that in a minute.

Winner: NXT. For that Cole/O’Reilly segment alone. I genuinely don’t know who is going to win their match and it’s exciting. A case could be made for either man, and they both made great points tonight.

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