Thunder Rosa: Signing AEW Contract Was “The Best Thing That Happened To Me In A Long Time”

The former NWA Women’s Champion is one of the biggest stars of AEW’s Women’s Division

Since turning up on AEW Dynamite as the reigning NWA Women’s Champion, Thunder Rosa has consistently affirmed her position as one of the best women’s wrestlers on the planet, with AEW fans at the time hoping Rosa would sign full-time with AEW when her NWA deal was up.

In July 2021, Rosa would get her wish when AEW bought out her NWA contract, and as she told Renée Paquette on Oral Sessions, receiving the contract was a wonderful feeling:

“I was in my bed, and I was having a really difficult time because I was having some issues with the other company I was working with,” started Thunder Rosa. “July 20th, it was 8 in the morning, and I got a message from Christopher Daniels. It said here is your contract. Read it over and send it over to your lawyer. I’m looking at it and I’m in tears. I told my husband, ‘We did it.’ It was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I worked so hard and we sacrificed so much for six years. There are so many things that people don’t understand and they don’t need to know. I saw Tony and I sent him the longest text message saying thank you and how thankful that I am in the company because being rejected for so long, and even struggling for so long, it’s like you’re never going to get out of the hole. Then you see a light and realise miracles exist and hard work really pays off. There are people who want to do shortcuts, they get tired, and give up. I was never going to give up no matter what. It felt great. It feels great that I can say that I’m a part of something like this.”


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