Tommaso Ciampa: I Don't Think I Fit The Vision Of WWE NXT 2.0

The NXT Champion sticks out a little bit under the multicoloured lights of NXT 2.0

NXT and NXT 2.0 are two very different beasts. The former was grungy and brooding, the latter bright and neon spattered. So it must come as a surprise to see greying, miserable, camo-sporting ‘Sicilian Psychopath’ Tommaso Ciampa reign as NXT 2.0’s champion.

The irony is not lost on Ciampa himself, as he told RN Pro Wrestling that he doesn’t believe he fits NXT 2.0’s mould:

“Everybody had a vision of what this 2.0 was and I don’t think I fit that vision,” Ciampa said. “I did not fit that mould. I’m a little older, I look the way I look, whatever you want to say and to be able to go out there on night one and win the NXT title and have my redemption story. And then to continue on with it, of course we’re humans, we read stuff, we see stuff, transitional champion and all that crap.

“And then to go out there and beat Bron Breakker, I’m the best NXT has to offer right now and I’m aware of that and I’m aware of what this title represents and what my responsibility is. It’s very cool to me to be in this position, to be able to do what I’m doing and to prove the doubters wrong and prove the people who support me right.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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