Tommaso Ciampa Wants To Do A Tag Team Fight Pit Match In WWE

Ciampa wants to enter the Fight Pit again

WWE NXT has used the Fight Pit stipulation twice since it's creation in 2020. The match has been reserved for Timothy Thatcher's personal feuds so far and he first defeated Riddle last year before vanquishing Tommaso Ciampa inside the cage in early 2021.

Ciampa and Thatcher became friends following the match and they have since become a tag team. The Blackheart discussed competing in the match with Sportskeeda and he went on to reveal he and Thatcher have discussed holding a tag team Fight Pit match. 

"So it was physical. I would love to do a Fight Pit in a big arena where there's screens and the reason I say that is because the live element of it that I did not know was gonna be missing until I got there. It was in the C.W.C. and we're at the time, super limited on how many people could be in the arena and then the cage, if you're fighting on top of the cage and there's not screens or anything then no one can really see what's going on, as far as the live audience goes," Ciampa stated. 

"And then when you come down into the cage, depending on where you are and obstructed view and stuff, I think for the performer, it's just one of those things where you're like, 'I didn't know in the moment what was going on but I could feel a different energy' and now hindsight, when I look back, I'm like, 'Oh, it probably wasn't the greatest experience as a viewer live just because of the handcuffs that were put on us and I feel like if [you] put that Fight Pit in a Barclays [Center], an Allstate [Arena], put it in a bigger arena where people are seeing it in-person, live, they can follow it on the screens," he continued.

"I just think it's one of those things that could become something crazy special and Timmy [Thatcher] and I have already talked quite a bit about that possibility of a first-ever tag team Fight Pit and it's hard to not think about it while you're doing it and it's just like yeah. You get the right opponents, right circumstance, right everything and that could be special."

If the match will ever happen remains to be seen, but the likes of MSK, Grizzled Young Veterans, Legado del Fantasma and Hit Row all currently compete in the NXT tag team division. 

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