Toni Storm Recalls Final Day With WWE

Toni Storm talks about frustration and disorganisation during her final days with WWE.

AEW star Toni Storm recently appeared on Talk is Jericho, and spoke about her surprising departure from WWE last year. Storm asked for her release in December and was granted it, before moving to AEW once her 90-day no-compete clause expired.

She talked to Jericho about her last day with WWE, saying:

"Vince seemed quite high on me on my last day. He was taking time to talk to me, stuff seemed like it was starting to get moving, but I just didn't trust it. Something didn't sit right. He was giving me some guidance on what he thinks I should do - this, that, and the other. I'm grateful for the opportunity, but 'no thanks.'"

Toni also elaborated on the build up of frustration which led to her asking for her release, telling a story about being a victim of poor organisation.

"It was Christmas time and I had about five shows, a big loop. I think it was Tampa, Orlando, DC, Baltimore, Albany. [...] I booked everything and am ready to go and start working. Christmas Eve, I get told, 'You're just on one of them. Just Tampa.' Fine, whatever. I go to Tampa, I don't have a match; it's running around and doing the 24/7 Title thing with Dana Brooke. Fine, okay, cool. It's Christmas time, it's busy, I get it. The next day, I get a phone call in the afternoon saying 'You realize you're on the show tonight, right?' 'No, but I'll be there.' I had a feeling it would happen. I go, I wrestle Sasha and Charlotte for the title." 

"Following this [...] I was told and confirmed numerous times with numerous people, 'You're not on [the third show].' I'm up all night, regardless. They're going to put me on it. I'm going to be ready. 6AM comes, I don't hear from them, I get on with the day as normal. I go to the dentist around 11, I'm in the chair, tubes in my mouth, my phone starts going insane. They need me to be on a plane in two hours. How do you say no? You can't say no because you get heat. You're backed into a corner."

Storm went on to explain that while she did make it to the show, she eventually felt ground down by this sort of treatment and told John Laurinaitis that she was quitting.

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