Tony Khan Compares AEW To WWE: "I Don't Do Cheap DQ Finishes To Prolong Something"

"I believe in giving the fans a finish to the match"

During a recent interview with, Tony Khan was asked how he tries to demonstrate that AEW's product is made to serve the fans, particularly when WWE has been criticised as disingenuous when making the same claim. 

"There's a lot of differences," Khan said. "I don't do really cheap DQ finishes to prolong something. There are other wrestling programs where you might see multiple DQs and count-outs in a week. I believe in giving the fans a finish to the match. I believe in not false advertising programs and people. I might hype something I really believe in, but there's a big difference between hyping something and false advertising outright, and I've never done the latter. 

"I think that's why we have a lot of goodwill with the audience. Following through on the things you say you're going to do and trying to deliver a show that's in the spirit of what the fans want to see week in, week out and offering fresh matches and fresh programs is a big part of it. You know, not doing the same matches 17 weeks in a row over and over again."

Many of the things Khan points to are regular occurrences on WWE TV, including disqualification and count-out finishes. AEW has largely avoided such booking patterns, though. 

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