Tony Khan Reveals Length Of Adam Cole, Malakai Black's AEW Contracts

Tony Khan isn't concerned with online chatter linking several AEW stars with returns to WWE

With the news that Triple H is the new head of creative for WWE, it has created conversation amongst wrestling fans about who could be tempted to join or even rejoin WWE as a result.

Some of the names suggested by fans included former NXT favourites and supposed ‘Triple H guys’ such as Adam Cole, and Malakai Black, despite the two being signed to AEW. AEW President Tony Khan has clearly heard the chatter, saying the following during an appearance on Busted Open Radio:

"There are a lot of changes in pro wrestling. I think it's going to be really positive for the fans overall,” said Khan about the changing of the guard in WWE. “I am a little amused that changes in the competition, people think it's going to magically change the landscape. Some of these accounts - Twitter can be a fun place to follow - but some of the narratives I've seen every day for the last week are really amusing to me. 

“I've got people signed here for five years and people think that just because the CEO, Chairman, head of creative, those people changed in the competition, people I have five-year contracts with are going to magically switch teams? Good luck with that. Adam Cole is signed until 2027 now. I wouldn't expect to see him going anywhere anytime soon. Malakai Black has almost five years left on his deal. I wouldn't expect him going anywhere anytime soon. Just because these guys had some success under a previous administration somewhere else, they're not magically going to be going anywhere. Those are two people I like, just as examples of people who have worked under the previous administration. I'm very amused by that. That's a narrative I see so-called wrestling writers pushing every day. It's pretty amusing.” 

As always, anything can happen in wrestling, but a contract is a contract after all.

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