Tony Khan Says AEW Debut 'Brought Back Toni Storm's Love Of Wrestling’

Toni Storm was visibly emotional during her AEW debut

AEW’s women’s division was recently bolstered by the arrival of Toni Storm, with the former WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion defeating The Bunny on her Dynamite debut.

Storm’s signing was seen as a coup by AEW, and during an appearance on Barstool Rasslin’, AEW President Tony Khan discussed what he thought of Storm’s debut:

“Toni Storm coming in did really well for us,” Khan claimed. “It’s funny, sometimes people look at the quarter hours, and if you don’t have the minute-by-minute data, which really I don’t think is publicly available, people wouldn’t know this. But every once in a while you’ll get a quarter that has two breaks, and that quarter it’s not fair to judge the quarter unless you’ve seen the minute by minute.

“Toni Storm and The Bunny did great. That was a great rating, over a million people were watching. And in the demo, it was over 500,00, it did great. It was up there with the big segments on the show, it did really well. There’s a ton of interest in her. The first two people to qualify for the Owen were Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm, and we saw them come face to face last night. There was a lot of buzz on that. And there was a lot of people pressuring me to make the match in the tournament. Maybe that was by design, I like to lean into it.”

Storm was visibly emotional during her debut, and Khan revealed what Storm said to him after her match:

“She said, this has brought back her love of wrestling already. The way she reacted when she came through the curtain after the match. I don’t know if I have ever seen somebody more relieved to have wrestled a match than Toni Storm. After taking the 90 days off she came back in great shape. She looks great, she is a great person, I love having her in AEW.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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