Tony Schiavone Thinks AEW Will Have A Streaming Service By Next Year

“I'm sure there are people in the office that are working that out for Tony Khan.”

In a few short years, AEW has gone from ‘idea’ to wrestling sensation, and with two television shows, two YouTube shows, and successful PPVs throughout the year their content library is growing exponentially. And AEW Announcer Tony Schiavone predicts the company will have its own streaming service by next year.

Schiavone gave his thoughts on the matter during a recent edition of Ask Tony Live! On AdFreeShows, saying the following about the prospect:

"Yes, I do. I think we're going to see a streaming service - this is my thought, I don't know anything for sure. Just by talking to people, I think there's going to be a streaming service by the end of 2022. So I think it's going to come up very, very soon. I do know that there were people in Warner Media that I knew, that I still know, that work in Warner Media that have nothing to do with AEW and told me that - they said, 'You know that AEW is going to be part of HBO Max.' HBO Max has all these different - they have DC. I remember asking someone in the front office, not Tony, I said, 'Are we going to be on HBO Max?' They said, 'Doubt it, until they want to come up with a lot more money.' So I think we're going to end up getting our own streaming service. I'm just trying to fill in all of the blanks here from what I've heard. It's not really on Tony's radar right now, but I'm sure there are people in the office that are working that out for him.”

With the news of ROH’s hiatus and the company allegedly selling their tape library post-2012 to the highest bidder, it could open the door for AEW to move into the streaming world.

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