Top 10 Big Show turns in WWE

How Do The Giant's Turns Stack Up?

9. Making An Entrance (1999)

During the incredible war between Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon, Austin regularly beat the ever-loving stuffing out of the boss. But Vince shocked the world by winning the Royal Rumble in 1999, then forfeited his WrestleMania title shot so the belt would stay around the waist of Corporate Champion The Rock.

Commissioner Shawn Michaels said that the 'Mania main event would go to Stone Cold by default, but Austin was in a sporting mood and challenged McMahon to a cage match at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: In Your House so he could pummel McMahon a little more. Because Stone Cold was such a good sport, his WrestleMania main event status was on the line.

The cage match itself was practically a snuff movie, as Austin victimised McMahon with little reply, launching him off the cage through a table, and making him bleed like an undercooked steak. 

But when it seemed like Austin had the match won, Paul Wight turned up for the first time in a WWE ring, bursting through the ring apron like a giant blonde baby and battering Stone Cold.

McMahon laughed, told Wight to throw Austin into the cage, but Big Paul was so darned strong that the cage came loose, and The Texas Rattlesnake won the match. 

A cool way to debut, even if he inadvertently helped Austin win.

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