Top AEW Star Wrestling Injured At Dynamite Grand Slam

A top AEW star is dealing with an injury heading into Dynamite Grand Slam

One of All Elite Wrestling's top stars will be wrestling with an injury at Dynamite Grand Slam on Wednesday night. 

Reflecting on his upcoming AEW World Title match against Samoa Joe on tonight's show, MJF revealed he will be performing at the event while injured.

"Tomorrow I go to war against a first ballot hall of famer. One of the greatest big men in the history of our sport. A man as intelligent as he is deadly. Beating Samoa Joe at 100% is nearly impossible. Tomorrow I'll be wrestling injured. But I won't be in there alone. I'll be wrestling for The AEW fans. I'll be wrestling for my fellow New Yorkers. I'll be wrestling for my brother Adam. I'll be wrestling to defend the grandest prize of em all, The Triple B. most of all I'll be wrestling for this kid with a dream who promised himself he was done being pushed around," MJF tweeted.

MJF and Samoa Joe have had issues since Joe pushed the AEW World Champion at All Out in early September, calling back to a spot in NXT when MJF was a security guard. This led to a pull-apart brawl and Joe went on to win a tournament to earn a shot at the AEW World Championship at Dynamite Grand Slam. 

MJF has been AEW World Champion since November 2022. He is only 41 days away from becoming the longest-reigning AEW World Champion in the promotion's history. 

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