Trevor Murdoch Admits He's Concerned About NWA Title Match Against Matt Cardona

Murdoch puts the 10lbs of Gold on the line at Powerrr Trip on February 12

Having the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship puts a massive target on your back, as Champion Trevor Murdoch knows all too well as he prepares to defend the title against Matt Cardona at NWA Powerrr Trip on February 12.

Cardona has successfully reinvented his career, proving himself over the past year as one of the hottest names on the independent scene, and as one of the greatest heels in the industry, and his momentum has Murdoch a little concerned, as he revealed on the Battleground podcast:

“I would be an idiot if I wasn’t slightly concerned,” said Murdoch. “Matt’s, no matter what you say and how much he talks, Matt’s a hell of a wrestler, and he knows how to take advantage of opportunities. And Matt wants to be World Heavyweight Champion, so I need to be prepared for virtually anything. I’ve worked my ass off to get where I’m at, and I’m certainly not gonna let some guy come in and do his best to bury the company, the whole idea of the company, and certainly bury me, and then let him walk out as champion. So I don’t know if Matt Cardona knows it or not, but he’s got the biggest fight of his life coming this Saturday.”

The two have only ever shared a ring on two previous occasions, a three-way tag team match on NWA Powerrr in January 2022, and a dark tag match in WWE in 2007:

“The thing with me and Matt is, he’s always been chasing me,” said Murdoch. “I’ve always been one step ahead of him. The first time I met Matt was in WWE, and to be honest with you, we didn’t have many tag teams, we knew they were bringing them up. They had, you know, they were young guys, and they had a lot of fire and aggression, and a little bit of ego. And we were gonna be World Tag Team Champions, we were actually in a program with the Hardys. So we had an opportunity to wrestle those guys in a dark match, and we had volunteered to put them over. They just didn’t like the way we were doing it.

“And you know, I had forgotten about it, you know what I mean, but apparently Matt’s kinda held this for a long time and actually brought it up in an interview as a motivation for his success. And I mean, a ‘Thank you’ would be okay, boys, that’s all. Whatever it takes to get you out of catering, buddy, that’s all I’m saying.”

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