Triple H Reveals Why He Changed Austin Theory's In-Ring Name

Remember when Triple H restored Austin Theory’s first name? Great times

When Triple H took charge of WWE creative he sought to undo several of Vince McMahon’s ‘Vince-isms’, such as unbanning words like ‘wrestling’, and restoring the first names of several main roster stars.

One such star was Austin Theory, with the current US Champion going by simply ‘Theory’ for the latter part of Vince’s time in charge. During an article on Theory on ESPN, Triple H revealed why he gave him his first name back:

"It's a little bit hard to just refer to him as Theory," Triple H said. "And even to me, it was a little awkward when he was announced, like 'Theory!' It's weird.

"Is that Stone Cold Steve Austin coming in? Is it confusing for fans? I'm of the opinion that if you don't know the difference between Austin Theory and Stone Cold Steve Austin, there's already a problem, right? So, we're fixing the wrong end of the problem."

Triple H also gave Matt Riddle his first name back, although Big E is still waiting for a return of the Langston.

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