Tye Dillinger Returns From Injury, Claims He Tried To Go Back To NXT

Perfection returns

Earlier Saturday morning, SmackDown star Tye Dillinger tweeted that he would be returning to in-ring action later that evening. SmackDown is scheduled for a live event in Dekalb, IL on Saturday night.


Dillinger had been sidelined since mid-October 2018, after suffering a hand injury at a house show, subsequently undergoing surgery. At the time, Dillinger was involved in a small feud with Randy Orton.

Curiously, Dillinger responded to a fan tweet, in which he was asked if he would ever consider returning to NXT. Dillinger simply responded, "Tried."


Dillinger was a member of the NXT roster from the fall of 2013, up until the early part of 2017, when he guested in that year's Royal Rumble match (appropriately entering at number ten).

It should be noted that a number of WWE talents have, perhaps playfully or facetiously, made veiled references to main roster-related unhappiness on their social media accounts, in an age where "(Unhappy wrestler) to AEW?!" stories are en vogue. Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, and The Revival are just some of those who've blurred lines with tweets meant to stir up speculation, and it's possible that Dillinger's terse response could be along those lines.

Or maybe he just misses the "TEN!" chants at Full Sail?

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