Tyler Breeze: A Bunch Of Promotions Have Reached Out Since WWE Release

Interest in Prince Pretty is high

There is certainly interest from within the wrestling world for Tyler Breeze to continue his in-ring career.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion was released by WWE on Friday, June 25 and Breeze revealed on Twitch that promoters have already reached out to him.

"I've had a bunch of [promotions] reach out, but no hurry. This is the first breather I've had in 14 years so I'm going to enjoy it for a little bit," he said.

Breeze is seemingly set for his own summer of no worries while he considers his in-ring future. Prince Pretty has relaunched his Twitch channel and he is currently working on setting up Cameo and Patreon accounts. 

He is under a 90-day non-compete clause, leaving him on the sidelines until at least September, but Breeze recently revealed that he hasn't made a decision on continuing his in-ring career yet.

He stated: "What's the plan for the channel now? That's what we're figuring out. We're ramping back up. I'll be streaming and we have a lot of stuff to figure out. A lot of stuff is still in the works.

"I'm setting up my cameo again, I'm just waiting for them to approve it. There's a lot of stuff in the air that we're slowly figuring out. You guys will know as I know. We're firing up ideas for Patreon again. Will I continue my wrestling career? I don't know, we'll have to see, I haven't decided yet."

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