UK Exclusive: Alberto El Patron On Creative Freedom, Possibly Wearing His Mask Again

In a recent Impact Wrestling conference call (for which we were delighted to be a UK exclusive), former Impact Global and WWE Champion Alberto El Patron talked about a variety of topics.

The Mexican star answered a number of questions, and entertained the idea of donning his old mask again for an eventual retirement match,

El Patron wore a mask for pro wrestling and MMA competition prior to joining WWE, but worked without it once he began regularly appearing as Alberto Del Rio. In response to a question about potentially wearing the mask again, he conceded that he'd never considered the idea, but would like to do so for a particularly significant match - maybe his last in the wrestling business.

El Patron also noted that re-donning a mask is frowned upon in Mexico once it has been removed, and that it would be a complex situation should he decided to do so.

In response to a question about creative freedom, he agreed that Impact afforded him a lot more freedom than WWE. He explained that in Impact he feels as though the difference between his character and real self is minimal, and that with a microphone in hand he feels as though he can really speak his mind.

He also explained that he much prefers working heel, and during his latest run in WWE as a babyface, he was eager to be turned heel again (which ultimately did happen).

In another interview with Johnny Impact and Eli Drake, the former John Morrison confirmed that his beef with Vampiro is entirely real, and that it hasn't been put to rest at all. He also repeatedly referred to the AAA-affiliated former wrestler as an 'office stooge'.

Tension between Johnny and Vampiro became public when Taya (the former's wife) was stripped of her AAA Reina de Reinas Championship without her prior knowledge, on a show that she reportedly wasn't booked for.

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