Update On Angel Garza's Injury, Estimated Timetable For Return

The injury occurred at Clash of Champions...

The Raw Tag Team title match at Clash of Champions ended abruptly, after challenger Angel Garza appeared to suffer a legitimate injury to his leg.

Garza provided an update on his condition in a YouTube video. According to Garza, the injury is a small tear to his quadriceps, and he doesn't expect to miss too much time.

"Montez went for a kick and I grabbed the kick. When I lowered it, I went for the knee, but I put in a little too much force into it," Garza recalls of the moment. "I thought when I was going to do it, [Ford] was a little too far from where I was and I didn't measure myself properly. When I tried to stretch my leg towards him, the other leg that was supporting it couldn't handle it and was stretched out too much. 

"That's when I heard a small pop, like a balloon exploding. Everything around that area started to get really hot and when I tried to move the leg, I had that tension close to my groin and it was my quadriceps, almost reaching my hip. That's what I felt.

"It was a quad tear and we already began treatment. I've been putting ice on it and bandages for the tear."

As far as his prognosis, Garza says, "Right now, I just came from an evaluation and we have been advancing through it incredibly. Thank God I just started to feel good. I still have more evaluations to do, but if all goes well, I think I might be out from a week to maybe 15 days.

"Thank God that it wasn't anything long-term like five or six months. They told me if I had continued, I could have completely torn [the quad] and would have been out for a very long time."

(Credit to Carlos Toro of Fightful for transcription)

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