Update On Austin Theory Following WWE SmackDown Injury Scare

Latest on Austin Theory following his WWE SmackDown injury scare

An update has emerged following the WWE SmackDown injury scare on January 12.

Austin Theory faced Carmelo Hayes on SmackDown but the match was called off after eight minutes following a botched Avalanche Spanish Fly that led to Theory's head bouncing off the mat, while Hayes' head collided with Theory. 

Theory has not wrestled since then but the former United States Champion has confirmed he will be in Miami for this week's edition of SmackDown ahead of the Royal Rumble for a rematch with Carmelo Hayes.

"I was like [to Grayson Waller], 'Hey man, you know all these keyboard warriors on the internet, in their mom's basement, eating cheese sticks all day, they don't know a day of hard work. They just go 'You don’t have potential, you don't have what it takes', but you know what, they have the ability to know how it looks to be a damn bean bag chair, so congrats to them. But Grayson was like 'You know what, let's get you out of this match', and I said no, because I'm Mr All Day. So, I'm going to be there on Friday in Miami, and Carmelo, you keep saying you're him, you're him, well, guess what? When all the greats come back they want to be in the ring with me, they want their 15 seconds of fame, and I give it to them, and that's a fact because I'm Austin Theory," he said

Austin Theory and Grayson Waller have been a tag team in recent months. They have established themselves as friends of Logan Paul on WWE TV too, with the PRIME co-owner set to defend the United States Championship against Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble.

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