Update On Cody Rhodes' Condition After Match At Fyter Fest (EVENT SPOILERS)

A very nasty visual...

The post-match of Cody Rhodes' bout with Darby Allin did not make for a pretty sight, and had fans and critics debating whether it should have even taken place.

After a lengthy battle between Rhodes and Allin, which ended with in a 20-minute time-limit draw, Rhodes was jumped by Shawn Spears (the former Tye Dillinger), who was armed with a steel chair.

Spears swung the weapon, delivering an unguarded shot to Rhodes' skull, and even attempted to menace Brandi Rhodes when she tried to intervene. In the aftermath, Cody was bleeding from the back of his head, and required help to the locker room, assisted by Dean Malenko, MJF, and others.

Rhodes was back to work in the production area not long after, and AEW tweeted out, "12 staples and no concussion."

The possibility of a head injury was openly broached by the commentary team, in particular Jim Ross. With chairs the head seen as taboo in wrestling these days, the attack by Spears was portrayed as being especially heinous.

Cody is set to team with brother Dustin at Fight for the Fallen in two weeks, taking on The Young Bucks.

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