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Update On Dolph Ziggler's WWE Status

WWE Raw Superstar hasn't been seen in some time...

Dolph Ziggler appears to be in a state of flux at the moment in terms of his status within WWE. Obviously, there's a good chance he's working the marks, as they say in the trade, but since losing a cage match to Drew McIntyre on the taped New Year's Day episode of Raw he hasn't been seen on the company's TV shows. What's more, The Showoff has changed his name to Nic Nemeth on Twitter (I realise that doesn't mean much given the fact many active Superstars have their *shoot* names on their social media accounts).

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has been able to provide an update of sorts on Dolph's status in WWE. Mike believes Ziggler could be leaving the company at the end of the month.

For the avoidance of any doubt, here's what Johnson reported: “Dolph Ziggler worked the house shows over the weekend and as we’ve talked about there are rumors around certain circles in WWE saying that on January 31st he’ll be done.

“Ziggler was not at Raw last night. I was told he was never scheduled to be there. He’s only scheduled for the house shows, so he worked the house shows on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and he went home while the rest of the crew went to RAW. So Dolph was not there.”

Johnson also notes that Dolph could be at Sunday's Royal Rumble so I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this one develops.

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