Update On Tommaso Ciampa's Injury

Tommaso Ciampa Has Provided An Update On His Injury And Absence From WWE

Tommaso Ciampa hasn’t been seen on WWE programming since all the way back in August of 2022 when he and The Miz competed against the duo of Bobby Lashley and Mustafa Ali on an episode of Monday Night Raw. His offical last match before getting ruled out with injury came a month later on a live event in a losing effort to Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship. 

Ciampa recently posted on Instagram to provide an update on where he is in the recovery process, revealing that he underwent his final stem cell surgery:

"Today was my final stem cell treatment. They have this awesome tradition at @bioxcellerator where you write what you are hoping to achieve on your stem cell bag. I wrote 'dance with buddies' which is Willow’s term for wrestling, and 'play tag' because it breaks my heart that I can’t run and play with my 4 year old.

"130 million cells via IV 190 million cells via intraarticular (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders) 40 million cells via intradiscal (lumbar spine, facets, SI joints) 360 stem cells in total. Let’s heal!"

Unfortunately, there is still no concrete news on when Ciampa will make his comeback to the ring, but based on his Instagram post, it seems as though he has every intention to get back to action and “dance” with his fellow wrestlers once again. Prior to his injury, he was partnered up with The Miz, though with the regime change in WWE, it is unclear whether this partnership will rekindle upon his return.

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Written by Andrew Kelly