Wardlow Can't Wait To Powerbomb MJF

Wardlow is looking forward to Powerbombing MJF

Wardlow has big plans for when he eventually Powerbombs MJF. 

Wardlow turned on his former employer back at the Revolution pay-per-view in March and MJF has looked to make Mr Mayhem's life miserable ever since, adding condition after condition as Wardlow looks to free himself from his contract with Friedman. 

Eventually, though, Wardlow believes he will get to Powerbomb MJF and he admitted on the Superstar Crossover podcast he's going to Powerbomb Friedman until his arms go numb. 

"Dude, the thought of Powerbombing Max makes me drool. I obsess over it. I cannot wait to powerbomb that kid. I'm going to powerbomb him until my arms go numb," he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Wardlow credited Billy Gunn with helping him inside the squared circle in AEW. The Wardog also reflected on The Pinnacle, noting that although Shawn Spears "has completely lost his mind," FTR are still "intelligent enough" for him to associate with. 

MJF and Wardlow will be involved in their latest segment together on tonight's episode of Dynamite from Long Island, New York. 

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