Warner Bros. Discovery & Paramount Holding Merger Talks

WBD and Paramount joining up could shake up the professional wrestling world

2024 is a big year for both WWE and AEW, as new TV deals will be made for their marquee shows, and any changes could really spark up a storm for either promotion. Warner Bros Discovery is currently partnered up with AEW, though there has been some rumours of talks with WWE over the rights to Monday Night Raw, which could be a serious blow for AEW. 

Something which could throw a spanner in the works for either side (though it isn’t clear how much of a spanner it will be and for who) is talks of WBD merging with Paramount. The streaming world is undergoing some struggles, with memberships dropping and heads turning away from various services. A report from Axios has revealed that CEOs of WBD and Paramount had a meeting to discuss how the two sides could help one another, especially with both in debt, as noted in the Axios article. 

If a merger does go through, there is a chance that vying for the larger and more successful Raw brand is the more ideal option, though of course the rights for AEW would be cheaper. It depends where priorities lie and if WBD is in fact still committed to AEW.

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Written by Andrew Kelly