What The Undertaker Said After Last Night's WWE Raw Went Off The Air

You're not missing much...

I'm only writing this article as you may be wondering what The Undertaker actually said as he was seemingly cut off at the end of last night's Raw. It's nothing really, but a lot of people watching last night's show were taken aback as the show went off the air at a really unnatural moment.

Undertaker was in the ring and must have forgotten that Raw doesn't have an overrun period anymore as his entrance and promo took the show right up to the top of the hour. Immediately after The Deadman told Goldberg - his opponent on Friday at Super ShowDown - that he was "next," a commercial played.

Well, WWE have released a YouTube clip showing what 'Taker said after the show went off the air, and I'm not sure why they bothered. But since they did bother themselves to release it, I'm here writing this pointless article as it's newsworthy apparently...

"And at Super ShowDown, you will... Rest. In. Peace," 'Taker said before his music played and he exited the ring.

So there we have it, those wondering what the hell was going on as the show went off the air can rest easy now.

I'm really sorry for wasting your time. I was expecting a lot more too if it's any consolation? If you want to watch the clip of Undertaker after last night's Raw went off the air, it's below for you. All the best!


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