Wheeler Yuta Reveals How Joining Blackpool Combat Club Came About

Wheeler Yuta discusses joining Blackpool Combat Club

Following hard-fought matches against Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta was accepted into Blackpool Combat Club by William Regal earlier this month.

Many had expected Yuta to join the faction as soon as Danielson started teasing the stable's formation but the ROH Pure Champion admitted to Wrestling Inc. that he didn't find out about developments in the storyline until the day of the shows.

"It all just kind of started happening around me before I ever really found out much of anything. Like even the Danielson match I found out on the day of, the Moxley match I found out on the day of. I had a lot of ideas in the back of my head like, 'What if this happens?' But I was never explicitly told, 'Alright, this is what's happening,'" Yuta said.

The former Best Friends member also doesn't think him joining was a certainty. 

"I think it really depended on my performance, I really do think it did. Everything obviously worked out, and I think I did as well as I could in that match [against Moxley]. I think it was the best match I've had. But that was one where I was like, 'I really hope, legitimately really hoped, that I could make these guys trust me, and that they're proud of me, and that they think that I can do this moving forward.' I think I pulled that off," he added.

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