William Regal Details Reasons Behind AEW Exit

William Regal clears up confusions about his AEW departure

William Regal’s AEW exit and return to WWE was quite a big story towards the end of last year, especially given the odd timing of it due to his inclusion in AEW’s top storylines. Regal himself has taken to Twitter in a now deleted thread to clear up any rumours of speculated reasons for his departure from the company. 

“Just so anyone who wants to know the truth. I know Tony summed up a few conversations we had with quick answer. FYI, Tony called me at 9 pm on a Sunday night and I discussed my reasons for leaving were time spent where I won’t to be. Then and I only then did he tell me ...

.. where he was and what problems he was having. I told him to get off the phone and take care off his family and he shouldn’t be talking to me know. I also realise he has summed up conversations with brief answers. ……

We eventually talked about me leaving 2 weeks later in Jacksonville. Time and time spent was the reasons for my leaving, no agenda for anything else. I have lived through some serious times in 2018/19 and realize time is all I have…

I had a great time in AEW and are thankful for the time I spent there with many of my close friends and the amazing crew. I just want to make that public so people stop misinterpreting it. It’s sad that people in our job can’t realize….

… that you can be a decent human being without having an agenda or taking advantage. This is the last time I will mention this. Again, I would like to thank AEW for there gracious acceptance of me and for Tony to take me onboard.

And just so you know, there’s a few spelling mistakes in my last tweets but I spent too much time at school daydreaming of being a Pro Wrestler. Aew we’re very kind to me and I enjoyed my time there. I made the most of my time there and NEVER double crossed anyone.”

Regal re-joined WWE to become Vice President of Global Talent Development, and according to Shawn Michaels has taken up more of a role on the main roster than in NXT like he used to. 

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