William Regal Reveals If He Plans To Have One More Match

Will we see Regal wrestle in an AEW ring?

Any hopes of William Regal wrestling one more match in AEW have been squashed, as the legend himself has stated that he has absolutely no plans to get back into the ring. 

Speaking with Metro.co.uk, the Gentleman Villain explained why he won't wrestle again due to feeling content with his lengthy career, saying: 

"No, never. No. My last official match was against Cesaro. My last few years, I didn't realise – it's come out recently, I had a serious neck problem for 20-odd years. It finally caught up with me. All I ever wanted was a 20-year wrestling career when I started – I ended up with a 30-year wrestling career. I couldn't have asked for any more. If you're not me and you're just looking from the outside, 'Oh he should have been this, he should have been that' – no. I was very happy with what I achieved. If I'd have never come to America, I had an incredible career. By the time I was 24, I'd been to 19 countries. In 20 to 24, I'd been to all the best places you could go to, wrestling all the best wrestlers".

Despite the fact that he still regularly trains with other talent and is physically capable, the former King of the Ring doesn't want to risk tainting the memory of his last match: 

"I can get in the ring now and wrestle just as good as I ever did. In fact people are like, 'You wanna stop a bit'. Training, I can get in there and do that. I still train, do all my squats and push-ups that I never thought I'd be able to do. But I look like a 54 year old. I don't want the memories of me – I can still wrestle just as good as I used to. In fact, better because I've got full circulation now after god knows how many years. I wrestled my son for an hour before Christmas in the PC in Orlando. I can wrestle. I'd rather that match with Cesaro be my final thing. 'Elvis has left the building'. That's why Colonel Tom Parker never let Elvis do an encore. Don't ruin it for myself. That was as good as a match as it could ever be for me to finish my career, and 30 years in, it's somebody else’s turn now. Why ruin it?".

Regal lost his final match to Cesaro on an episode of NXT that aired on Christmas Day 2013. 

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