WWE Advertising Dean Ambrose For Shows Happening After His Contract Expires

Roman Reigns has promised a fan that he'll 'take care' of the lunatic's situation...

Back at the end of January, WWE announced that Dean Ambrose will be leaving the company once his contract expires in April. With WWE sending a pretty official looking press release to media outlets they have business relationships with, pretty much every fan accepted this was more reality than storyline.

Then, Dean appeared on Zack Ryder's podcast and claimed “there’s a lot of people just here (in WWE) for money…have no artistic care for what they do,” 'shooting' on his colleagues which made the whole scenario feel more of a work than a shoot.

And now we have confirmation that WWE is advertising their former world champion to appear at events after his contract is supposed to have expired... why would they do that?

At the time of writing, Ambrose is on Raw live events throughout the month of May and is even booked on the company's tour of Europe.

When you couple this with the news reported in yesterday's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that when asked by a fan at a meet and greet if he could stop Dean leaving WWE, Roman Reigns replied: "I'll take care of that," it looks like WWE are doing a storyline where Roman will show Dean the proverbial light and convince him to stay... aren't they? Only time will tell with this one.

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