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Full WWE Backlash France results

WWE held their first pay-per-view since WrestleMania 40 on Saturday, May 4 as Backlash France emanated from the LDLC Arena in Lyon. WWE only announced five matches on the show, including Cody Rhodes' first defence of the Undisputed WWE Championship against AJ Styles, but the company presented an enjoyable five matches, each being elevated by an electric crowd in France. 


The Bloodline (Solo Sikoa & Tama Tonga) def. Randy Orton & Kevin Owens

Grudge match to start off WWE Backlash, and a televised in-ring debut for Tama Tonga, as the fans inside the LDLC Arena instantly went nuts for Randy Orton's entrance, singing The Viper's music as he made his way to the ring. 

After 10 minutes of entrances, the four competitors wasted no time reaching 70 mph (don't want to go over the speed limit guys) as they brawled on the outside before the bell even rang. Eventually WWE producers, security, and referees managed to separate the competitors after KO stunnered a bunch of security, including Sylvester Lefort. Nick Aldis, enranged by the brawl, announced the match was now a Street Fight. 

The action still didn't get to the ring as Tama Tonga and Kevin Owens split off to brawl on one side of the arena while Randy Orton and Solo Sikoa battled elsewhere. The two babyfaces then swapped opponents to beat up before making their way to the ringside area after five minutes with KO and Orton firmly in control, bouncing the two members of The Bloodline off the announce table before a DDT from KO to Solo Sikoa. Next it was kendo sticks and trash can shots to the head of Solo Sikoa as everyone was just having a bloody great time. 

HUGE POP for the introduction of tables and Kevin Owens proceeded to send Tama Tonga crashing through the wood with a Frog Splash. Orton tried his own luck with worse results as Solo Sikoa managed to send Orton through a table in the ring with a Samoan Drop. A Clothesline from Solo Sikoa to Owens completely turned the tide and The Bloodline proceeded to slowly batter Kevin Owens with weapons of their own as Orton was down and out following the Samoan Drop. 

Owens managed to fight back, sending Solo Sikoa through a table, before he ate a big Lariat from the MFT of The Bloodline. Before Tonga could batter Owens with a chair, though, Randy Orton crawled back into the ring and a Mexican standoff ensued. Orton came away as the winner of the exchange and he listened to the voices in his head, decking Tonga with an RKO. Orton had the match won but Sikoa recovered just in time to break up the pin. 

Sikoa went for a Samoan Spike on the announce table but Randy countered into an RKO on the table instead, with the table not breaking. Owens proceeded to batter Tama Tonga with steel chair shots back in the ring, taking time to set up a chair each time he hit Tonga. With four chairs in position, KO ruined Tama Tonga with a Michinoku Driver from the top rope through the chairs. 

Owens had the match won until, out of nowhere, Tanga Loa (!) pulled the referee out of the ring. A shocked Owens was decked with a Uranage from Sikoa before the Samoan Spike for the win. 

The Bloodline stood over Kevin Owens post-match, with Paul Heyman begging them not to attack Owens. On this occasion, The Bloodline obliged. 

Bayley (c) def. Naomi & Tiffany Stratton - Triple Threat for the WWE Women's Championship 

The crowd remained hot for the second match of the night, asking Bayley if she wanted to be their girl. Each woman enjoyed time on top in the early going, with Naomi and Bayley working together to take down Tiffany Stratton until Tiffany managed to gain the upper hand. 

Stratton came close following an Alabama Slam but Bayley kicked out. Tiffany's taunting came back to haunt her as she turned straight into a Suicide Dive from Bayley on the outside. Naomi then took down Bayley with a Blockbuster Neckbreaker and she proceeded to work over Stratton, taking her down with a Heatseeker and Split-Legged Moonsault for a near fall. 

Sit-Out Powerbomb from Naomi to Tiffany next for another near fall before the former TNA Knockouts Champion locked in her submission, with the move being broken up by a Flying Elbow from Bayley. Bayley took out Naomi with a Sunset Flip into the bottom rope and she tried the same move to Stratton but Tiffany blocked it. Bayley simply fired back with a Bayley to Belly but Stratton managed to kick out at two. 

Tiffany wasn't down for long and she drilled both Bayley and Naomi on the announce table with Alabama Slams. She then went for a double Prettiest Moonsault Ever but Naomi and Bayley rolled out of the way, firing back with a 3D! 

Naomi and Bayley traded strikes until Bayley managed to roll up her friend out of nowhere for the 1-2-3. The two friends hugged after the match and Naomi raised Bayley's hand to end this portion of the show. 

Damian Priest (c) def. Jey Uso - World Heavyweight Championship 

Backstage, Jey Uso and The Bloodline locked eyes before G.O.D and Solo Sikoa walked past 'Main Event.' A tearful Paul Heyman, with Sikoa out of sight, then shook his head at Jey, seemingly begging for Jey to help him in any way.

After big-time entrances from both men, Jey Uso got in Damian Priest's head in the early going, YEETING in the World Heavyweight Champion's face. Priest, dressed a bit like Kane at Backlash, managed to fire back with an Uppercut and he proceeded to slowly work over Uso, taunting the crowd at points too. 

Jey Uso managed to fight back, eventually laying out Priest with a big Crossbody from the top rope. Suicide Dive from Jey Uso next left both men down momentarily. Jey Uso continued the offence and tried to follow up but JD McDonagh pulled his leg when the referee wasn't looking which allowed Priest to hit a Spear. Damian Priest was very angry with the help, screaming at JD McDonagh that he didn't need his help. The arguing allowed Uso to recover and he proceeded to hit Superkicks to both men before an Uso Splash to Priest. The fans in Lyon were hoping that was it but Priest managed to get his shoulder up. 

Priest later fired back with a Razor's Edge for a near fall of his own before the World Heavyweight Champion pulled his straps down, prompting wolf whistles from the French fans in attendance. Priest next went for South of Heaven but Jey escaped and hit a Spear from out of nowhere for another near fall. 

Jey Uso looked to follow up but a distraction from Finn Balor allowed Priest to connect with the South of Heaven. Fans in France thought that was it again but the crowd erupted when Jey kicked out at two, filling the LDLC Arena with Oui! chants. A shocked Priest managed to regain his composure and connect with two Spin Kicks. Priest whiffed on a third one, though, as he connected with three Superkicks, a Jumping Superkick, and a Spear before he connected with a second Uso Splash. 

That, once again, looked to be it but JD McDonagh popped up and placed Priest's foot on the bottom rope, saving the World Heavyweight Championship for his Judgment Day stablemate as the arena filled with "Asshole!" chants. An angry Jey hit McDonagh with a Suicide Dive and a Spear to Balor. When he got back in the ring, though, Priest knocked Uso on the top rope and hit an avalanche South of Heaven for the win. 

JD McDonagh and Finn Balor tried to beat down Jey Uso post-match but they were pulled off Jey by Priest, with Judgment Day arguing before the World Heavyweight Champion ordered them to celebrate alongside him. 

Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill def. The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) (c) - WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

The WWE Women's Tag Team Title match was dominated by the babyfaces in the opening few minutes as Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill simply battered Kairi Sane, enjoying themselves in the process. Bianca Belair tried a Plancha to the outside but she missed and walked straight into a kick from Asuka. Kairi followed up with a Crossbody from the top rope to the floor to take out Belair. 

A period of the Kabuki Warriors working over Bianca Belair followed, with Asuka and Kairi scoring a near fall along the way before Belair made the hot tag to Jade Cargill, who took out the champions with a Springboard Crossbody. A Slam from Cargill to Kairi followed but Asuka broke up the pin. Several Urakens from the Kabuki Warriors next before a Destino from Kairi to Cargill looked to have the match won but the referee said Kairi wasn't the legal woman. The official was seemingly wrong as he allowed Kairi to tag out of the match to Asuka, so no idea why the referee didn't count the pin then. 

A sloppy couple of minutes followed as any chemistry went out of the window until the Kabuki Warriors applied Armbars to Belair and Cargill. The action then got back on track with a Wheelbarrow Kick-German Suplex thing from the challengers for a near fall on Kairi. Bianca followed up with a Spinebuster but she whiffed on a spear, running straight into the ring post. The Kabuki Warriors followed up with their Insane Elbow-Scorpion Death Drop finisher to Belair and Cargill broke up the pin just before the three count. 

Kairi next tried to hit a Splash to Cargill but Jade blocked it and showed off her power to pass Kairi around her own body before she connected with Jaded. Belair, who was apparently the legal woman, followed up with a KOD to Asuka onto Kairi before she pinned Asuka for the win. 

Cody Rhodes (c) def. AJ Styles - Undisputed WWE Championship 

The fans in France gave the main event a big fight feel, first singing 'Kingdom' after the music stopped before they filled the arena with Phenomenal Club's 'il est vraiment phénomenal'. Slow start to the action as both competitors had a feeling out process on the mat. Stardust taunts from Cody followed, calling back to his days as The Prince of Dark Matter. Styles then fought back as the LDLC Arena began shaking with more chants of 'il est vraiment phénomenal'.

A period of dominance from AJ Styles followed as the crowd remained hot before Cody Rhodes later sent Styles crashing into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Cody tried to hit a Superplex but AJ blocked it and left Cody screaming over his bad back. Styles targeted the bad back, hitting the Undisputed WWE Champion with an Electric Chair before he crashed and burned on a Lionsault. 

Cody followed up with a Disaster Kick for a near fall as the crowd began to sing 'Le Marseillaise', the national anthem of France. It was then time for a big move from AJ as he hit a Suplex on the apron, the hardest part of the ring. Styles failed to capitalise and he was sent crashing through the announce table with a Powerbomb.  

After more back-and-forth action, the two wrestlers faced off in opposite corners before they traded strikes. Cody won the exchange with Dusty Rhodes punches and a Bionic Elbow for a near fall. Cody tried and failed to hit a Cody Cutter and Styles followed up with a Suplex into the turnbuckles, hurting Cody's kayfabe-injured back further. A Springboard 450 Splash connected but Cody managed to kick out at two. 

Burning Hammer next from AJ Styles but Cody kicked out at one! Yes Kicks from AJ Styles followed before Cody fired back with a Cody Cutter for a two-count. A Lariat later and Cody whiffed on the Cross Rhodes, with AJ firing back with the Pele Kick. Phenomenal Forearm was stopped with a Superkick and Cody locked in the Kimura of all submissions. Styles escaped and later Cody connected with a second Cody Cutter, this time from the top rope. 

With the fans in Lyon on their feet, Cody connected with a Cross Rhodes for the win. Backlash ends with Cody Rhodes still Undisputed WWE Champion. 

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