WWE Fastlane Main Event Changed On SmackDown Live

It was originally Styles vs. Owens vs. Zayn, but things have changed...

The main event of WWE's Fastlane pay per view has changed, thanks to the events of last night's edition of SmackDown live. After a rather convoluted set of circumstances, we're set to see AJ Styles defend the WWE Championship against four challengers: Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, and Dolph Ziggler.

Originally, the match was booked as a triple threat for the WWE Championship, pitting reigning champion Styles against challengers Owens and Zayn. The pair of heels also fought for the belt at the Royal Rumble PPV, losing to Styles in handicap action (after the referee missed a tag, counting the pinfall on the illegal man).

Prior to this week's edition of SmackDown, it was announced that Baron Corbin would be taking on Dolph Ziggler - with the winner advancing to the title match at Fastlane.

Circumstances were changed again, however, after Owens and Zayn jumped Corbin and Ziggler at the beginning of last night's show. As punishment, Shane McMahon booked Corbin vs. Owens and Ziggler vs. Zayn - noting that if Corbin and Ziggler won their matches, they would be added to the Fastlane main event. Both potential challengers did so, making the WWE Championship match a five-way.

So far, Owens and Zayn have been Styles' main rivals for the belt in 2018, after he won it from Jinder Mahal in November, and retained it in the rematch at Clash of Champions. Since aligning at Hell in a Cell, Owens and Zayn have been at odds with SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon, who has often scuppered their chances of winning the title.

Ziggler won the US Championship at Clash of Champions, but vacated it and appeared to leave WWE the following Tuesday on SmackDown. He returned as no. 30 in the men's Royal Rumble match, but was eliminated in fairly short order by Finn Balor.

Corbin was the man to drop the US Championship to Ziggler - the match a triple threat also involving Bobby Roode. His most notable recent actions came at the Royal Rumble, where he snapped and attacked several Superstars after being eliminated from the bout.

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