WWE Holds Meeting About How To Improve WarGames Following Survivor Series

WWE looking at how to make WarGames better

For the first time ever, WarGames made its way to the WWE main roster on November 26 as part of Survivor Series WarGames. The event saw two WarGames matches on the card which opened and closed the show, with both being widely praised by the time Survivor Series came to an end. 

One of the people involved in the Men's WarGames Match was Kevin Owens as The Prizefighter wrestled alongside Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Butch, and Ridge Holland to take on The Bloodline. Owens was the latest guest on After the Bell and while Corey Graves was speaking to KO about the match, the Raw commentator revealed WWE held a meeting ahead of Raw about how to improve WarGames. 

"You've [Kevin Owens] competed inside WarGames twice. It was my first time getting to call WarGames. Obviously the first time it happened on the main roster. Monday morning, full disclosure to everybody, Kevin Patrick was there, we had a meeting as we do before Monday Night Raw each and every week and there were questions asked as to how do we improve WarGames, how do we tweak WarGames because this was the first rollout," Graves said.

"We got the men's and the women's all in the same night. There was a lot happening. It's very difficult to differentiate two of the same style matches within the same card. Kudos to all 20 people involved because that's exactly what happened successfully. It was a very exciting conversation to be a part of because everybody across the board went, 'Cool. Saturday night was a success. How do we make it better?'"

Originally established in Jim Crockett Promotions, WarGames became a staple of World Championship Wrestling. Since the promotion was bought by WWE in 2001, several companies have created their own version of WarGames but the match type wasn't used in WWE until 2017 when Triple H introduced it to NXT. The Game is now WWE's Chief Content Officer which led to the stipulation moving to the main roster this year. 

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