WWE Make Major Redundancies Across Multiple Departments

Significant departures as WWE streamline their divisions

WWE have made major redundancies across multiple departments behind-the-scenes in day of cutbacks that has reportedly left staff feeling 'shell-shocked'.

Reports began to surface on Tuesday that the promotion was implementing significant changes to backstage departments, specifically the digital & social division - known as the Advanced Media Group - and television production teams, including the WWE Network.

PWInsider has reported that WWE intends to fold the divisions together to be directly overseen by Executive Vice President, Television Production Kevin Dunne. Those who remained in the teams were given this information in a brief call with Human Resources at the end of the day.

The report goes on to say that, over the last year, WWE had determined that there were too many redundancies across multiple departments in those areas. The examples given cites two graphics departments, one for digital and one for television, that can easily be merged into one division. 

In addition, WWE has noted during the COVID-19 Pandemic that they can work with a skeleton crew and still achieve the desired results, meaning they can get by with far less employees on the books. 

The result has left a number of individuals 'shell-shocked' - both in terms of individuals who have been made redundant and employees who have now seen their daily responsibilities drastically shift and increase.

Names that have departed WWE in the latest round of cuts include: 

• Brian Pellegatto - Senior Vice-President, Production (per PWInsider)
• Adam Kirshner - Manager, Media & Metadata Operations for WWE (via Twitter)
• James Wortman - Content Director (via Twitter)
• Jaylar Donlan - Executive Vice President, Advanced Media Group (per PWInsider)
• James Rosenstock - Executive Vice President, International (per Wrestlenomics)
• Markham Nolan - Vice President, Media Operations (per Wrestlenomics)
• Dan Humphries - Vice President, International Communications

In addition to the cuts made in the United States office, PWInsider reports that there have been significant numbers of staff let go at WWE's international offices, with WWE President Nick Khan reportedly now overseeing these teams in order to ensure they remain in alignment with WWE's main offices.

The international cuts is of particular surprise as the promotion's international PR operation has become of even more significance in recent months and years with the division recently, under Humphries, winning the 'Best Global Brand' at the PRWeek Awards earlier this week.

Deadline also reports that there have been significant lay-offs within WWE Studios as the promotion seeks to streamline the division, in what a source told PWInsider was 'a bloodbath'.

The dismantlement of the Advanced Media Group has, in particular, been difficult for staff in the team to accept, largely due to its increased importance and higher revenue throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Fightful is reporting that the AMG will be merged into the television and production department, in keeping with WWE's decision to streamline their internal resources.

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