WWE Reportedly Adjusting Lars Sullivan's Moveset

Restriction placed on the Diving headbutt?

After the alleged problems it has caused the likes of Daniel Bryan, Chris Benoit and The Dynamite Kid in the past, it might have come as a surprise to some to see Lars Sullivan utilising a diving headbutt off the top rope in a WWE ring.

The Freak has already hit the move a number of times on Raw and SmackDown Live as he continues his tirade against the older members of the rosters. However, that could be about to change if a report in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter is to be believed.

Here's what Dave Meltzer penned in the latest WON: "Lars Sullivan has not been banned from using the diving head-butt, but the decision from the top is that he should only use it for special occasions. Really, that makes sense. The move is impressive for a guy his size in particular, but you don’t want it to be something that fans expect you do in every match."

During last week's SmackDown Live, Lars attacked The Hardy Boyz and R-Truth once again.

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