WWE Reportedly Done With Raw Overruns From Next Week

11 pm EST and no further from Monday's show onward...

WWE Raw going past its scheduled 11 pm EST end time has been the norm for any fan watching the show since the 1990s. Now, according to a report from Fightful, those days are gone as from next week's show, Raw has a hard "out" time of 11 PM EST.

Fightful have been told that this will become the norm for the "foreseeable future," as the end of the Monday night show becomes as strict as the end of SmackDown Live on Tuesday nights.

Overruns and Monday Night Raw have gone hand in hand since the Monday Night Wars when WWE were going head to head with WCW's Nitro. To try and get one up on the competition, WCW would more than often start slightly earlier than Raw, 'leaking' the results of the show that was about to air in the hope that the spoilers would put people off from watching. That worked for a while until Tony Schiavone, "butts in seats," and Mankind's WWF Championship win - you know how that one ended.

While the overrun does give WWE some extra time on one of the biggest networks in America, from a production standpoint, it also allows a couple of segments to run long and not hamper the overall scheduling of the show. Now, with a hard out time in place, every single segment on the show must run as long as it was intended to, or things will be cut. WWE have plenty of experience doing this on SmackDown Live and pay-per-views of course, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Fightful note that they reached out to WWE for a comment on this matter, but they hadn't heard back at the time of writing.

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