WWE Reportedly Planning NXT Expansion & New International Performance Centers

Big changes coming to WWE's third brand...

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer notes that big changes are on the horizon for NXT. In a nutshell, Uncle Dave believes there will be more talent editions to bolster the roster, that there is an internal push to see the weekly show on the WWE Network double in length to two hours, and that more runtime could be added to TakeOver specials.

Here's the direct quote from this week's Newsletter:

"WWE is looking at expanding talent and the NXT side with all the added revenue coming in from the new deals. Among the ideas are more international Performance Centers and international territories, which means being even more aggressive in locking down people who they spot having marketable potential.

"There are those in the company pushing for the idea of the NXT TV show going two hours because they have so much talent, and to also increase the time of their Takeover shows."

This news isn't a surprise to those who have been keeping tabs on what Triple H has been saying publically in recent months. The Game has made it clear that he wants to take over the world with WWE and NXT. "Global localization" is the phrase he's been using when talking about the plans, with the aim to have a WWE presence taking over every major market in the wrestling world.

The news that NXT's weekly shows and TakeOvers could be extended comes as a bit of a shock to this writer, but again, HHH made it clear a few months back that he doesn't expect fans to watch every single second of WWE programming from the main roster down. He wants to offer enough variety so that no matter what brand of professional wrestling you like, WWE are able to offer something to quench your thirst.

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