WWE's Bobby Lashley Reflects On His Time In The Beat Down Clan

MVP and Bobby Lashley together in TNA

While Bobby Lashley has risen to the top of the card alongside MVP in WWE - with the 45-year-old currently in his second reign as WWE Champion - this isn't the first time Lashley and Montel Vontavious Porter have worked together.

Prior to The Hurt Business, Lashley and MVP were aligned in TNA Wrestling in 2014 and 2015 as the first iteration of the Beat Down Clan with Kenny King.

The three performers achieved success together and Lashley had two of his four TNA World Heavyweight Title reigns while he was a part of the stable. 

Reflecting on the group during an appearance on The Ringer's MackMania podcast, Lashley admitted he had a lot of fun in the faction. 

"I think the thing that was similar about it and where people gravitated to it, was it felt real. It felt real. From the Beat Down Clan, it was just a bunch of us that wanted to get together and do something fun and have fun with it. So it was me, Kenny King, and MVP, and it was a lot of fun. We were running with it and all of our characters fit. Cause Kenny King was the wild, 'I can't take it anymore!' And I was more reserved, but I was the muscle that would have to clean up his mess all the time. And MVP was the mouthpiece," Lashley said.

The All Mighty would eventually leave the faction, though, with the Beat Down Clan adding Samoa Joe, Hernandez, Low Ki and Homicide to their ranks before the stable disbanded in July 2015. 

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