WWE's Jeff Hardy Pitches 'Upward Spiral Match'

Spinning ring = falling over?

Many weird and wonderful stipulations have graced a professional wrestling ring over the years, from The Doomsday Cage to a Bread On A Pole Match to a Mimosa Mayhem Match.

Jeff Hardy has devised his own stipulation match and he pitched an Upward Spiral Match to Inside The Ropes

"I'm out there, but I have this idea for an upward spiral match... what if there was a match to which you wrestled for five minutes and then the ring starts spinning, and then it spins at a certain speed for a certain amount of time, and then it can stop. Naturally, you'd get dizzy but then another two minutes or whatever it starts to spin again, but now it's a little faster. I'm just curious to see if you can run spots as the ring's spinning and be safe about it. An upward spiral match," Hardy said.

The Charismatic Enigma revealed the inspiration for the match was WCW events from Universal Studios during the 1990s, as the ring would sometimes spin in between matches.

Hardy also recently discussed a possible Willow revival in WWE and the former World Heavyweight Champion revealed he has yet to pitch the character to the company

H/T to WrestlingNews.co

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