WWE’s Jinder Mahal Talks Funny Incident With The Great Khali At Battleground 2017

“He’s slapping my back so hard. I’m trying to like, hockey shots with my elbow.”

Jinder Mahal’s WWE Title win against Randy Orton at Backlash 2017 was a shock, but Mahal got a shock of his own after victory in the Punjabi prison Match at Battleground, when The Great Khali congratulated him with a little too much gusto.

Speaking with Inside the Ropes' Kenny McIntosh, Jinder spoke about Khali’s immense strength:

“Yeah, it was quite funny, actually. Khali is going to do what Khali is going to do. That’s it. That’s basically what it is. And actually, Khali’s hands are so big and he’s so strong. He’s patting my back like, ‘Oh,’ as he’s holding the belt like, ‘Oh, good job, good job.’ He’s slapping my back so hard. I’m trying to like, hockey shots with my elbow. If you go back and look, you’ll see Khali like slapping my back ‘good job, good job’ holding the belt.

“But no, Khali’s awesome. He’s a tremendous guy. Very proud to see him in the WWE Hall of Fame this year. If you go to India, Khali is God-like, he’s unbelievable everywhere he goes, mobs of people. He’s a very, very good ambassador for WWE, represents the company well, represents himself well and everything that he does. So yeah, I think Khali in the Hall of Fame is very well, well deserved and it’s great for him and he was very proud It was in Tampa and I lived there, so I got to spend the week with him and everything. So it was fun catching up with Great Khali and hopefully, we can bring him back at some point.”

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