WWE's Kofi Kingston Reveals More Details About His Jaw Injury

The former WWE Champion is currently on the shelf

WWE announced during last week's edition of Monday Night Raw that Kofi Kingston had recently broken his jaw. The former WWE Champion discussed the injury on Instagram and said he could only close his mouth on one side.  

On the latest edition of The New Day: Feel The Power podcast, Kofi revealed more details about the injury and confirmed he hurt his jaw following a knee to the face from Cedric Alexander at the TLC pay-per-view.

Kingston said: "So, I got kneed in the face by Cedric Alexander like three weeks ago and a couple of my teeth chipped... It was all fine, it was cool. And the point of impact was just real sore, so I thought okay, it's a bruise or whatever. The next week we actually had a six-man match and everything was fine. You know, a little pain but not terrible. 

"And then the next week when we had our match, right before we went out it just kept feeling like it was loose. Like, oh this is weird, okay. And as soon as we get out there to the ring I'm moving around and now I'm feeling it kind of like come out of place and just feel like it wasn't set in."

How much time Kofi will spend on the shelf is currently unknown, but Finn Balor was recently out of action for three months after breaking his jaw at NXT TakeOver: 31.



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