WWE's Triple H: "The Fans Ruin Their Own Stuff Half The Time"

He thinks the audience overanalyses NXT

During Thursday's pre-NXT TakeOver: In Your House media call, Triple H was asked by Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer about fan frustration when following the NXT product, particularly some of the top Superstars being misused when they get called up to the main roster. 

During his response, The Game said he believes fans "ruin their own stuff half the time" by overanalysing the NXT product.

"It's a funny thing to me sometimes that in our business, everybody is so worried about where people are going to go or land or 'how is this going to play out long term in the future?' How about watch it. Do you like it, or do you not like it? Do you have to say, 'I like it, but I like this other thing more,' or 'I like it, but I don't like it as much as I like that one.' Just watch it or don't and stop trying to figure out where everything goes," Triple H stated.

"The fans ruin their own stuff half the time trying to figure out where everything goes and why it's going there and how and then trying to pick up their phone and go search for the thing to find out what it is that can ruin it for them so they're not surprised when it happens. I don't understand that. I'm thrilled with what the brand is. I'm happy with where it is. Do I want it to get better? Yes. Do I want it to grow? Yes. Do I want it to expand? Yes," he continued.

"But again, people will take this line, use it out of context. It's a marathon, not a sprint. I'm not here to make a brand that's around for a few years or a few minutes. I want it to be long term, and how's it going to be long term? It's going to morph and evolve. It shouldn't be the same. If it's the same three years from now or four years from now as it is right now, we made a mistake. It's just like people, you grow. If you're the same person four years from now, you didn't grow."

H/T to Wrestling Inc. 

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