WWE Scrapped Plans For Chelsea Green To Be Charlotte Flair's Protégé

The plans ultimately never made it to TV

Back on the May 27, 2020, episode of NXT, Charlotte Flair teamed with Chelsea Green and the two women picked up the win over Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai. Green disappeared from NXT shortly after following a main roster call-up, but she didn't end up appearing on WWE TV again until November 2020 when she competed in a Survivor Series Qualifying match.

Green has since been released by WWE and she revealed during an interview with Fightful that WWE had bigger plans for her and Charlotte beyond the tag team match. Plans initially called for her to be presented as The Queen's protégé on the main roster, but the idea ultimately never made it to TV. 

"I was just kind of starting to get a little momentum. So, I actually didn't hear anything. Funny enough, when I was out there at the very end of the match Charlotte raised my hand and said something. Said something like, 'She's gonna be next,' or something along the lines that made me think that I was either gonna be partnered with her or I was gonna be her protégé... And then I kind of heard rumblings of that in the weeks after that I was going to be, I don't want to say the next Charlotte, but coming up behind her with her as my mentor. Which is amazing. Like, I don't know that you can get a better spot than that. And then kind of radio silence until the next storyline that I heard about," Green said.

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