WWE Survivor Series 2020 Live Results

Who will win the battle for brand supremacy...

Welcome to Cultaholic Wrestling's live results for WWE Survivor Series 2020 and join us throughout the night as we provide updates from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The latest battle for brand supremacy will begin at 11 pm GMT with the Kickoff Show. The main card will then follow at midnight GMT. 

Seven inter-brand matches will take place across the Kickoff Show and the pay-per-view. The Undertaker will also be present at Survivor Series for his final farewell after a 30-year career. 

Check out the card below:
• Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre - Universal Champion vs. WWE Champion 
• Team Raw (AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Riddle & Sheamus vs. Team SmackDown (Jey Uso, Seth Rollins, Otis, Kevin Owens & King Corbin) - 5-On-5 Men's Survivor Series Elimination Match 
• Team Raw (Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Peyton Royce, Lacey Evans & Lana) vs. Team SmackDown (Bayley, Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan & Natalya) - 5-On-5 Women's Survivor Series Elimination Match 
• Asuka vs. Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Champion vs. SmackDown Women's Champion
• The New Day vs. The Street Profits - Raw Tag Team Champions vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions 
• Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn - United States Champion vs. Intercontinental Champion
• Dual-Brand Battle Royal - Kickoff Show 

Owen Mawson stormed to victory in his predictions debut at AEW Full Gear and captured the Cultaholic Heavyweight Championship. Jack King has been in a rage ever since and he will have the chance to end his flatmate's title reign as Team Owen (Owen Mawson, Adam Pacitti & Ross Tweddell) will take on Team Jack (Jack King, Sam Driver & Tom Campbell). The winning team will face off in a Triple Threat predictions contest at TLC for the Cultaholic Heavyweight Championship, the losers will have to watch every single Royal Rumble match in WWE history. Check out their picks below: 

The Miz wins the Dual-Brand Battle Royal - Kickoff Show

John Morrison was the first Superstar eliminated. Dominik Mysterio tossed The Shaman Of Sexy over the top rope. Kalisto was next eliminated by Cedric Alexander. Rey Mysterio was eliminated third by Dolph Ziggler. Humberto Carrillo was tossed out of the ring by Angel Garza soon after. Garza was eliminated by Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin moments later. 

Ricochet eliminated Alexander. Benjamin eliminated Ricochet. Apollo Crews eliminated Benjamin. A feud between The Mysterio Family and Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode was teased as The Glorious One tossed out Murphy and Dominik eliminated Roode. After fighting on the apron, Dominik eliminated Ziggler. 

Shinsuke Nakamura eliminated Apollo Crews with a Kinshasa. The final six were The Miz, Jeff Hardy, Chad Gable, Shinsuke Nakamura, Elias and Dominik Mysterio. 

Hardy eliminated The King Of Strong Style and Elias. The Miz and Jeff Hardy formed an alliance, as did Dominik and Chad Gable. The American Alpha eliminated Hardy after a brief back and forth. 

Dominik eliminated Gable. The Miz snuck up from out of nowhere and eliminated Mysterio to win the battle royal. Will The A-Lister end the night as WWE Champion?

Team Raw def. Team SmackDown - 5-On-5 Men's Survivor Series Elimination Match 

AJ Styles and Jey Uso started the match for their respective teams and fought back and forth for the first few minutes. 

We saw the first signs of dissension in Team SmackDown as Kevin Owens initially refused to tag in his longtime rival Seth Rollins. Rollins told his team it was for the greater good and proceeded to kneel in front of Sheamus. Sheamus subsequently Brogue Kicked The Messiah and eliminated him. 

Kevin Owens was on fire a few minutes later and hit a flurry of Stunners on Keith Lee, Riddle and Sheamus. Styles caught KO with a Phenomenal Forearm to eliminate him, though. 

Corbin almost eliminated Styles with the End Of Days but Team Raw came to the self-proclaimed captain's aid. Riddle pinned The King Of The Ring moments later with the Floating Bro. SmackDown was down to Jey Uso and Otis. For some reason, Team SmackDown didn't try and break up the pin when Corbin and Owens were eliminated. 

Otis almost put Strowman away with a Caterpillar and Vader Bomb but Riddle distracted Blue Collar Solid. This allowed The Monster to connect with a Running Powerslam for the 1-2-3. 

Jey Uso was left to fight on alone. He tried to combat the five members of Raw but ultimately failed as Keith Lee caught him and connected with a hellacious Spirit Bomb for the win. 

A clean sweep for the red brand. 

The Street Profits def. The New Day - Raw Tag Team Champions vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions

Big E performed his trademark New Day introduction for Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods and the tag team champions made their way to the ring in Gears Of War armour. 

Both teams exchanged grapples in the opening minutes and jawed back and forth as part of friendly competition. The Street Profits took control after Montez Ford caught Kofi Kingston with a Dropkick. Angelo Dawkins followed up with a Splash and proceeded to work over Kofi's arm.

Ford and Dawkins hit some tag team moves soon after but Kofi managed to counter and hit Ford with a Splash to the outside. Woods took out Dawkins at the same time and it was The New Day's turn to dominate the match. 

Xavier Woods had Ford in a Headlock while Kofi drank from one of The Street Profits trademark red cups. Kingston hoofed the cup into the ThunderDome and they continued to work over Ford's midsection. 

Montez eventually caught Kofi with a DDT and made the hot tag to Dawkins. Angelo performed his traditional comeback and hit The New Day with Spinning Elbows while they were in the corner. The Profits wore down Woods with some tag team moves and almost picked up the win with Running Sliced Bread. 

Woods fought back and The New Day hit Midnight Hour on Montez moments later but Ford somehow got his shoulder up. Kofi followed up with three Boom Drops and set up for Trouble In Paradise. Dawkins grabbed the former WWE Champion's legs, though, and the Profits took advantage with the Anointment and Frog Splash. Ford grabbed his injured ribs, however, and Kofi managed to kick out at two. 

Kofi hit Ford with SOS but Dawkins broke up the pin. Kingston then went for Trouble In Paradise but Montez countered into his own Trouble In Paradise. It didn't matter, though, as Woods was the legal man and he caught Ford with a Gutbuster for a near fall. 

Soon after, The Street Profits hit a Blockbuster on Xavier Woods for the 1-2-3. Both teams embraced after the match. 

Bobby Lashley def. Sami Zayn - United States Champion vs. Intercontinental Champion 

Sami Zayn tried to put some distance between himself and Bobby Lashley but The Hurt Business surrounded the ring. Lashley proceeded to demolish The Champion Of The People with Clotheslines, Irish Whips and a huge Throw across the ring. 

Zayn eventually caught Lashley with some offence and jawed with MVP on the outside. Lashley fought back with a Belly To Back Suplex and drove his shoulder into Sami's midsection while the Intercontinental Champion was in the corner. 

Zayn tried to Suplex Lashley but The All Mighty countered into his Delayed Vertical Suplex. Sami claimed he still has vertigo and almost picked up the win with a roll-up when the official checked on him. Sami tried to goad The Hurt Business into attacking him moments later. 

Zayn almost had a count-out victory after he drove Lashley into the ring post. Zayn tried to take off a turnbuckle pad but Shelton Benjamin stopped him. The numbers advantage continued to work against The Champion Of The People. 

Zayn then tried to leave the match but MVP tripped him. The official failed to call for a DQ and MVP threw Sami back into the ring when the referee wasn't looking. 

Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock and forced Zayn to tap out. 

Sasha Banks def. Asuka - Raw Women's Champion vs. SmackDown Women's Champion

Before the next match, Roman Reigns berated Jey Uso for not guiding Team SmackDown to victory. He then told Jey to go with his brother Jimmy because he doesn't have time for losers tonight. 

Both Asuka and Sasha Banks mat wrestled in the opening minutes and exchanged submission and pin attempts. 

Banks had the Raw Women's Champion rattled after a Backstabber for a near fall. Sasha then proceeded to taunt Asuka.

Both women grappled some more. Asuka locked in the Ankle Lock and followed up with the Shining Wizard for a two count. Asuka slowed the match down and worked over Sasha's arm. She caught The Standard with her patented Knee Strike moments later. Sasha countered and applied an Abdominal Stretch after she failed to lock in the Bank Statement. 

Asuka and Banks fought on the apron. The Empress got the better of the exchange with a Hip Attack. They continued to fight on the outside and Sasha went for a Meteora from the barricade but Asuka countered into a Codebreaker. The two champions got back in the ring before the count of 10. 

The Standard connected with another Backstabber soon after but Asuka once again kicked out. She followed up with the Meteora in the corner and went for a Frog Splash. Asuka blocked but Sasha countered into the Bank Statement. The Empress countered into an Asuka Lock attempt but Banks broke free. 

They fought in the ropes and Asuka connected with another Codebreaker for a near fall. 

Both women exchanged pinning combinations for numerous near falls and The Boss eventually pinned Asuka's shoulders to the mat for the count of three. 

Team Raw def. Team SmackDown - 5-On-5 Women's Survivor Series Elimination Match 

Earlier in the night, Nia Jax told her other teammates not to tag in Lana. 

Team SmackDown displayed excellent teamwork in the early going to work over Peyton Royce. Bianca Belair and Natalya even hit a Double Suplex. 

Nia was dominating Liv Morgan but Lana tagged herself in. She then went one on one with her former tag team partner Natalya while Nia Jax screamed for The Ravishing Russian to get out of the ring. Lana eventually tagged out and Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax ordered her to stand on the steel steps, away from the ring. 

Nia Jax has certainly changed her tune from WrestleMania 34 when she claimed she was overcoming bullying to win the Raw Women's Title. Jax's bullying also comes only days after anti-bullying week ended in the UK. 

Team SmackDown proceeded to dominate Team Raw for the next few minutes. Lana continued to be frozen on the steps while the women continued to fight. 

Peyton Royce caught Bayley with a Superplex onto all the other women on the outside. Royce then rolled Bayley into the ring and pinned The Role Model after she connected with the Deja Vu.  

Natalya eliminated Royce a few minutes later after locking in the Sharpshooter. The Hart Family member tried to lock Baszler in the Sharpshooter which gave Evans the chance to hit the Women's Right for the elimination. The Sassy Southern Belle almost eliminated Bianca Belair after a Spanish Fly but The Riott Squad broke up the pin. 

Baszler trapped Ruby Riott in the Kirifuda Clutch. Riott rolled and countered into a pinfall attempt but the official was distracted on the outside. This gave The Queen Of Spades time to choke Riott out and pin her. 

Liv Morgan eliminated Lacey Evans with a Crucifix Bomb. Nia eliminated Morgan moments later with a Samoan Drop. 

Bianca Belair was the last woman standing and she used her athleticism to hit a flurry of offence on Jax, but The Irresistible Force used her power to fight back. Jax hit Belair with a Leg Drop but The EST Of WWE kicked out. 

Baszler tagged in and trapped Belair in the Kirifuda Clutch. The SmackDown Superstar passed out but fell on the rope. Baszler refused to let go of the hold by the count of five and was disqualified. Nia Jax was apoplectic and tried to put Belair through the announce table. Bianca countered and pushed Nia into the steel steps. Both women then fought on the outside and were counted out. 

This left Lana the sole survivor to the chagrin of Nia Jax. 

Roman Reigns def. Drew McIntyre - Universal Champion vs. WWE Champion

Both men paced around the ring before locking up. They were evenly matched during their first test of strength. McIntyre got the better of their second exchange, winning with a Waistlock. Reigns won the third with a Side Headlock Takedown. McIntyre eventually countered into his own Side Headlock Takedown. McIntyre twice put Reigns on the mat with two Shoulder Tackles. 

Reigns regrouped with Paul Heyman on the outside. He proceeded to beat down McIntyre upon re-entering the ring and both men then exchanged blows back and forth. 

The Big Dog eventually gained the upper hand and worked over McIntyre's previously storyline broken jaw. The Scottish Psychopath tried to fight back but Roman put him back on the mat with a Clothesline. 

McIntyre eventually did fight back after exploding out of the corner and delivering two Shoulder Tackles and a Belly To Belly Suplex. He went for the Future Shock DDT but Reigns blocked it. The Tribal Chief followed up with a Samoan Drop for a near fall. 

The action slowed down as Reigns set up for the Superman Punch. McIntyre dodged it and connected with a Spinebuster into a Jackknife pin for a two count. The WWE Champion tossed Reigns into the steel steps but Roman fought back once the action re-entered the squared circle. 

Both men exchanged Big Boots, Reigns went for the Superman Punch again, McIntyre ducked and connected with the Future Shock DDT for a close near fall. 

Drew set up for the Claymore but The Tribal Chief finally landed a Superman Punch. Reigns tried to lock in the Guillotine but Drew countered into a Belly To Belly Suplex. He went for the Claymore Kick again and Roman hit a Big Boot and tossed the WWE Champion into the post. 

Reigns went for a Spear and McIntyre rolled it into the Kimura Lock. Roman made it to the ropes. 

Reigns put McIntyre through the announce table with a Samoan Drop soon after. Once McIntyre got back to his feet, Reigns speared The Scottish Psychopath through the barricade. Somehow, McIntyre kicked out. Reigns went for another Spear, McIntyre blocked it and went for the Claymore but Reigns caught him with a Spear. McIntyre again kicked out. 

Reigns set up for the Spear again and McIntyre caught him with a Claymore. Reigns went flying into the referee, knocking him to the floor. Jey Uso then headed to the ring and McIntyre fought him off. This gave Reigns some time to recover and he hit McIntyre with a Low Blow and locked in the Guillotine. 

Another official headed to the ring. McIntyre tried to fight out but ultimately passed out. 

The Undertaker's Final Farewell

Mike Rome told fans he would be introducing those who will pay homage to The Undertaker.

Shane McMahon made his way to the ring first to piped in Shane O'Mac chants. The Big Show, JBL, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley, The Godfather, The Godwins, Savio Vega, Rikishi, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Triple H and Kane in ring gear followed. 

A video package celebrating The Phenom's legendary career to Metallica's Now That We're Dead then played. 

We came back to Vince McMahon standing in the centre of the ring. The WWE legends have headed to the back. 

The chairman of WWE cut a promo and said the legacy of The Undertaker will live on eternally. He then announced 'Taker and The Phenom made his way to the ring. 

After many minutes, The Deadman cut an in-character promo. He said he had laid many Superstars to rest over the past 30 years and that his time has now come. He added: "The time has come to let The Undertaker Rest...In...Peace." An emotional 'Taker then got down on one knee and cut his trademark pose while a hologram Paul Bearer was projected into the ring. 

The Deadman exited the WWE ring and walked to the back as Survivor Series went off the air. 

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WWE Survivor Series 2020 Results

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